Righteous people. Whistling.

I would like to express a huge thanks to Bud Hansbury for not only letting us film in the Basilica, but for being a super righteous dude - getting the place in excellent order, adjusting lighting for us, and even jumping into a scene with Alyson.  I had such an incredible time at these shoots.  Here are some frame-grabs from these scenes:


Here are some production stills from recent shoots - most taken by Anna Ehredt (who is also in the film).  Thanks Ana!  And thank you Carley Brandau for being such an amazing artist.  You'll see a lot of her sculptures throughout the film.

New Cast. New Artists.

This is Tom Milroy, our newest cast member.  Tom is an excellent hiking companion as well as a super fascinating guy.  For instance - Tom was born in Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom and raised in Yorkshire and in the Border Country of Scotland.  Over the course of five different decades, Tom worked in Zambia - as well as having worked in more than 20 other countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA.  After studying education at the University of Zambia, he taught agricultural science and ran a school production unit in Eastern Zambia near to the border with Mozambique and Malawi.  Tom also traveled by car from Mumbai to Scotland in 1971.  So if you're ever looking to have an interesting conversation while traversing a mountainside trail, Tom is your guy.

A rather extraordinary thing happened Sunday.  Well, several things happened.  First, I was digging through the mountain of props in my basement which Kyle, our prop guy, dropped off last weekend. Deep in one box I found a Canon AE-1, which is a the camera I learned on, along with two lenses. That particular camera is super important to me for two reasons: every photo I took between 1997 and mid-2010 was with that camera, and it was my father's camera before it was mine.  I still have it...though the winding arm is broken off, the rubber eye-cup is cracked apart, and sometimes the shutter releases - other times it doesn't.  Finding a mint condition AE-1 alongside two of my favorite lenses felt something like finding several fingers and an eyeball in the bottom of a christmas stocking and then you realize, "Shit!  These are mine!  And I really need them to interpret and manipulate the world correctly."

Moments later I had crossed the street and bought a 4-pack of film.  Then I was off to meet up with Tom for a hike.  Here are some shots from the drive there:

That bearded dude is Sam "The Original Hillbilly."  I headed into Chimney Rock to look around before meeting up with Tom and I saw Sam outside his house on the side of the road.  We talked about chopping wood, his antique air compressor, and his facebook account.  He's pretty cool.  If you are ever headed into Chimney Rock, you should stop and talk to him.

Along with a new cast member, we have another artist pitching in her wonderful talents: Haley Nocik.  I'm guessing that you'll be so impressed with her felt animals that part of your brain will melt.  http://haleynocik.wix.com/nocik 

The first photo is Haley wearing some of Carley's work.  And that is Carley (our costume designer) and Haley standing in-between two people I don't know because I stole that photo from google images.  And now that I think about it, I should probably credit the photos I'm stealing...update with that info soon.


If you can't get there on time, just dragon in when you can...

Howdy folks.  It's been far too long since I posted an update.  But here we are!  The Kickstarter was successful, they actually made us a staff pick towards the end which was super cool.  All of the supporters that helped us get here, if I have a chance to hug you, I will.  So be prepared. Once the shooting commences and we have lots of fun stuff to show you, I'll make sure and keep it posted up here regularly.  And there will be lots of fun stuff to show you.  Months and months worth.  How do you feel about that?  Me?  I'm ready.

I have had a few issues with getting the correct equipment to arrive all in solid working order, but I feel that those woes are behind us as of this week.  All sorts of fun stuff has been arriving at the door and if all goes well, we will be shooting our first scenes this weekend.  

Asheville was brutally cold for a few days.  And now we are back to the usual, mild cold weather, which I'm much more used to.  I hear that as global warming intensifies, Asheville will be less affected than a lot of other areas?  I heard that.  Which doesn't mean it's true.  I'm just saying that I heard it so if you wanted to buy 10 acres of land and some goats, you'd know where to do it.

I'm also pretty thrilled to show off our costume designer and general amazing constructionist, Carley Brandau.  Go check out her stuff here -  http://carleybrandau.squarespace.com/ 

47% today.

A little over a week left on the kickstarter and we are at 47%.  I don't doubt we will reach our goal with a last week push.  Everyone who has helped us so far, we are indebted to you.  Louisa Amsterdam just wrote an awesome piece for us on www.ashevillegrit.com  Thanks Louisa.

I hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving.  I spent mine in Charleston, SC.  To be honest, the food was amazingly well prepared, and the company was stellar, but there is something about Thanksgiving food as a whole that I just don't like.  I never have.  Individually most of the food is pretty good, but when its all piled up on the plate, it kind of gives me the shakes.  Even as a kid I always thought, "What's the deal with green beans, cranberry blob, turkey gravy, potatoes, and pumpkin pie?"  I mean, who decided this?  The pilgrims?  Well they couldn't help it - they'd never had good Italian food, or Thai, because obviously they would have given up such nonsense if they had.

December 1st and already it's peering at me as though it will be the busiest month of the year.  I'm looking forward to it.  A new animation at work has me constantly sketching and this film has me doing much of the same in the evenings.

Stay tuned!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty confident that this comic cover is amazing:




Three days in.

Three days in and we are nearly to 20% of our funding goal.  A lot of excellent people are getting behind this thing.  I cannot express properly how much it means to me to see so many strangers and friends express interest in seeing this film made.

I've done a few interviews for local publications this week, with more to come.  

Harvest Records, Mothlight, and all the other friends, family, and new friends, thanks for helping spread the word.

A lot of the people who are in the film and helping with the film are in the photo below.  This was a small, backyard show that happened three weeks ago.  Luke Norton, Eric Slick, and Angel Olsen all played their wonderful tunes that night.

Backyard show.  10.24.14

Luke Norton.  Eric Slick.  Angel Olsen